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What is an electric Bike? :

It is a 100 % bicycle with all the characteristics of a bicycle .

To move forward the rider needs to pedal .

The improvement is that an electric motor has been added with a battery pack to power it.

The Motor will assist the rider on needed basis .The rider decides if he needs the assistance or not.

For example on roads going downward the bike will move due to gravity so there is no need for the assistance of the motor . A sensor is included in the brake and will disconnect the motor.

But for flat road or for slopes the assistance is welcome and then the motor may start and help .

Depending on riders strength the muscular energy that can be developed varies from 50 Watts (normal rider) to 300 Watts (professional riders ).So by adding the energy of the motor to the rider's energy the bike can achieve better results .Either saving energy from the rider or going to longer distances.

The use is very simple ;if you need assistance turn on the motor system.

When you start pedaling a sensor will detect the movement and will automatically start the motor progressively .

When you stop pedaling : the motor stops.

The max speed is electronically limited to 25 kmh to respect USA or EU regulations.

Conventional ebikes needs to be recharged with a charger connected to the grid. it takes approx 8 hours and give you approx 1 hour of capacity. A daily recharge has really a minimal cost:approx 0.025 US$ making it the cheapest form of modern transportation.

May 15 2016 EBike

New 250W electric bike 24V July 2016

Mountain Bike (without solar panels)


250 W Ebike with 24 V 10 amph Battery

26 ' available /delivery time :approx 6 to 8 weeks

Price : 1000 US$ (excluding shipping)

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updated: 2nd december 2016