we have been over the years trying to collect data on all our systems to analyse performances and therefore improve and invent new systems

Recently we have developped our own hadware and software adapted to specifically energy related system.

for those who have tried ,you know that usually there is zero support from datalogger suppliers and it gets very frustrating

we can now monitor ,collect data and even react to events.


as an example with a 2 inputs datalogger we can read battery level and charging current which means

that we know the power being generated and we can have the accumulated power for as long as the computer is on.

with an algorithm we can even measure the wind speed since we know what is the voltage generated at a specific wind speed.


example of display



with different type of datalogger with more inputs we can have more measurements

with 5 inputs as an examples these are all the data that we can display

  we customize the program for each of our customers . we provide an open source VB project if the client wants to do his own customization.we provide coding support .  
  we can have serial com port RS232 or USB connection (for over 12 inputs).  
  we can use 2 inputs- 12 inputs -16 inputs and 4 output functions .  
  we provide a mini casing computer (toshiba or others) with drivers and software already installed and ready to work so even if you are not a programmer ,you just connect the computer and it is ready to work.  
  it can run under Windows XP or 7  
  we provide stainless steel shunt resistors (from 0.01 to 0.1 Ohms )  
  we do not provide any monitor or keyboard or mouse as everyone can use the kind of display/equipment that they like .  

and of course we have a display chart that shows all data saved everyday



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updated: 20th May 2016