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For years i have been complaining about air con releasing hot air into the atmosphere ,

now i will bring a solution that is sustainable.

Vendors will push you to buy a new one when it is not always neccessary.

Lucien Gambarota


Air conditionners can have a second life and have even better performances.

Recycling can be an improvement.

If you have an aircon that is defective /broken /inefficient give it to us and we will modify it with a heat recovery system

that recover the calories and generates Hot water for cooking or Hot shower.

all the coolness that you get will be compensated by the hot water.

by having a lower condensation temperature at a lower pressure the electrical comsumption is also lower.

This is ideal for schools /restaurants/parlors/ :any places that have a large number of units and need hot water.

It takes about 0ne week to repair and modify it and we will reinstall it with all the neccessary piping and tanks.

remark : some air con are too dammaged to be repaired/modified and we can only decide in our workshop.

Performances : one single unit can generate between 10 and 100 liters a day of hot water.


send us an email at
giving the number of aircon that you wish to send. send only the unit with the compressor.
for window type: the whole machine(no need for the casing as it will be reinstalled ) and for split type only the outside unit.
organize the transportation to our workshop: Motorwind ltd 72 Ping Che road Fanling NT tel: 27112127
If you cant send it back, let us know, then we will organize a company to pick it up.

Cost: excluding transportation: approx 1500 to 5000 HK$ per unit. (depending on model or type)

we will send a quotation on case by case basis.

Warranty : 2 years.

Yes it is cheaper than to buy a new one and it will give you more benefits.




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