Micro turbines

Modern buildings need to be designed by engineers to become energy generating machines in which

people live and work.

This is the X building


to become sustainable a modern building needs to generate a big part of it's needs

and the four available sources are : Air - rain water - Sun - Wind.

This building will tap into these four sources.


the two semi tube shape are positioned back to back with an angle in order to give a structural strength but above all to concentrate wind coming from the North in winter or South in summer.The flow of air is being pushed down to increase ventilation flow(wind is redirected from the top of the building down to the street).This avoids any wall effect that a building may create but on the contrary increases the air flow.

The Venturi effect increases the wind speed making it suitable for turbines to generate power.All windows exposed North or South are constantly being cooled down improving overall building temperature.

Wind turbines being non directional and of forced flow type the mounting is very secure and the noise is minimal and contained by the double wall into which turbines are mounted .These turbines have multi transformation capability.(electricity or hydraulic pressure or potential energy storage).

On top of the building the major turbine is 240m in diameter and is design to spin at very low speed in order to have minimal stress on the building and to be safe with basically no noise.This turbine will not generate electricity but will provide 100% of the negative calories to cool down the building in Summer and heat it up in Winter. Negative calories can be stored as low temperature water.


On top of the building a massive convector made of reflective stainless steel will give a very high shade coefficient to limit the building exposure to natural sun but it will above all ,first recover all rain water and second generate a massive 8MW capacity steam electric generator and third push down all wind from the top and acting as an other Venturi for the turbine just below.Just as reminder Solar concentrator are much more efficient than solar PV panels,cheaper and lighter.If we had to build a same size PV panels the weight will be tremendous.This concentrator heats up recovered rain water to be used as either steam for the electric generator or hot water for shower or cooking. Positive calories can be stored.

the East and West side will be exposed to direct sun for 3 to 4 hours in the morning and afternoon so we use the reflecting windows as an other solar concentrator adding energy to the building.

This building can generate between 50 and 150 MWh per day. Depending on the use of the building it can be 100% self sufficient.

We are an Engineering Firm and not architects (yet) so any Architectural Corp interested by this kind of construction can contact us for further discussion.



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