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New March 1st 2016 Patent pending
How to make PV panels and Wind turbine compatible

there is no incompatibility between solar and wind, They are complementary.

there is not always Sun and there is not always wind and sometimes there is both of them.

in this new product blades of the wind turbine are made of PV panels .

each panel is mounted on bearing and will rotate when under wind pressure from one direction ,the other

panels remain in horizontal position.

It is called a valve type VAT and the objective is to increase the difference in drag coeficient.

there is a difference in area exposed to the wind that is approx 10 times higher than the side exposed to opposite wind direction.

as an example in a normal VAT the area exposed in both wind direction is the same.

the difference is the shape which have different drag coefficient.

approx 2 and 0.75 which makes possible a VAT to rotate in one direction.

ratio = 2/0.75 = 2.66

for the Solarturb we have a difference in area and therefore the ratio will not be based only on drag coeficient but on area exposed.

Ratio : (0.6 x 1 )/(0.042 x 1.28) = 11.16

VAT are well known for their very low efficiency (compared with HAT) but have a positive aspect

which is low rotating speed and high torque.

market price of PV panel have been down but not the mounting and installation so there is still

uncompressible costs.

the general idea is to make use of the weight of PV panels and mounting to have a useful mass

rotating and increase the Moment of inertia of a VAT.

the torque developped by the Solar turb is approx for 5ms wind speed:

F= 1/2 x1 x 0.6 x 5 x 5 x 1 = 7.5 N ==> Moment of Force : 8 Nm

rotational speed : approx 1 RPS = 60 RPM or approx 6 radians

E= 1/2 I W^2 = 1/2 x 150kg/m2 x 6 x 6 = 2700 W.

with a conversion efficiency (mechanical/electrical generator)) of approx 80%

the Rated power is : 2.1 KW at 5ms

the 5 PV panels have a rated capacity of approx 1.2 kW.

for 8 hours /day Sun exposure and 18 hours /day of 5ms wind speed

the daily production is approx : 6kWh + 36 kWh = 42 kWh



Diam : 3.5 m

PV panels : 5 NO

Weight :50 kg

DC output : 12-48V

available now : contact us for a price quotation.


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Our manufacturing capacity gives the edge as we can develop any kind of interface to make everything compatible .It can be a mechanical device or an electric or an electronic. we can even assemble PV cells for BIPV special sizes.

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