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We have a very strong demand from schools worldwide for educational sets,so we have developed these very easy to use kit.

We encourage you to forward this page link to any school that you know so that our children can, at an early age, get renewable energy understanding

Motorwind educational kit .

These sets can be used in classrooms as well as outdoor to demonstrate the conversion of wind energy into electricity or into water or air pressure.


To use in classroom: The wind power is provided by an electric fan. The generator will start generating electricity with very little wind.


Different teaching aspects

A)by using only one turbine and using a voltmeter a measurement can be made for a measured wind speed

B)by adding a second turbine the measurement will show that the voltage increases

C) with a third turbine the voltage increases again

D)with the fourth turbine the voltage increases again.

by tracing a chart the correlation between the number of turbine and generator output can be established.


By putting the electrical fan closer to the turbines the same experiment can be made demonstrating that with higher wind speed the output value has increased because the turbines are spinning at higher speed.By making at least 4 to 5 measurement at different wind speed,the relationship between wind energy and generator output can be calculated and the formula regulating wind energy verified

P power in watt = 1/2 x D air density x Area in square meter x V^3 wind speed at power 3 in m/s x E efficiency of the system.


second part : by using a variable resistor (10 to 50 Ohms)as a load a current can be measured for different wind speed and number of turbines.

by using P in watt = R in ohm x I^2 current in ampere at power 2 the output power can be calculated and demonstrate

the first formula and can allow calculation of the system efficiency.

by moving the fan's wind direction ,measurement will allow to verify the changes in efficiency.

The generator is a 3 phase AC using a 6 diodes bridge as rectifier so the demonstration can be made on how the rectifier works

(need to use an oscilloscope).

by using an oscilloscope the frequency of the electric output allow to calculate the turbines RPM because there is a fixed ratio

between the teeth of the turbine and the generator gear (62/16) and the generator being a 4 poles permanent magnet

the ratio is : 7.75 so if there is a 20hz frequency it means that the turbines are spinning at 154 RPM


Battery charging

by connecting the generator to a rechargeable battery: voltage and charging current can be measured allowing

to verify the calculations made earlier.

the charging current/voltage allow to explain what is going on in the battery and explain the chemical transformation.

(use if possible an acid lead battery for security reasons because acid lead battery can take any overcharge and do not blow )


stainless steel and plastic material allow to clean and disinfect the material from one class to an other.

with very low rotation speed,turbines can be stopped by touch of hand and do not represent any physical danger.

replacement parts are available at low cost so the material can last for many years.

we can provide in the future, single turbines so students can develop their science projects at a low cost.


Reference Description
Non Directional 4 turbines in line kit



4 micro turbines with generator rated 20W for 10m/s wind. Output 12 to 40 DC volts non regulated

Recommended for very low Wind Speeds - best application between 1ms and 4ms wind speeds.

Prices       US$    
Reference Description
360 Directional Mini Camping Kit

Ed-Kit 02

4 micro turbines with generator rated 20W for 10m/s wind. .output 12 to 40 DC volts non regulated

Recommended for very low Wind Speeds - best application between 1ms and 4ms wind speeds.

360 degrees directional with a tail for fast tracking of wind direction.

Prices       US$    
Reference Description
360 directional Mini top gun Kit

Ed-Kit 03

4 micro turbines with generator rated 20W for 10m/s wind. Output 12 to 40 DC volts non regulated

Recommended for very low Wind Speeds - best application between 1ms and 4ms wind speeds.

this set has a larger wing span and a longer tail and can handle higher wind speed.

Prices       US$    
Reference Description
Mini water or air pump Kit

Ed-Kit 04

3 micro turbines with a piston pump :high suction power. for 8ms wind speed can pump 7 liters of water /hour at 8 meter height. for 4 ms can pump 15 liters /hour at 1 meter.

equipped with 2 external valves that can be installed at different height depending on the application.the pump body is made of transparent acrylic so the children can see what is actually happening during the low pressure high pressure work.

this pump can handle any fluids water or oil as well as air or gases.

the maximum internal pressure is approx 2 bars and can be control by different O rings sizes.for higher pressure the pump body has to be changed for brass (non transparent).

excellent tool to explain Pascal and Newton's law

Prices       US$    
Reference Description
Electrical Control box with lighting wind meter


very safe standard heavy duty metal electrical control box with a security key.on off switch with control light .a volt meter showing the generator voltage output and a lighting stick showing the wind speed.one of the favorite items among students.all connections and regulators kept safe.

Prices       US$    
Reference Description
Wind meter, volt meter & Lighting, IC boards set


Special kit with which wind energy/electricity/electronic laws can be explained in a very concrete way.

Students will assemble their own IC board using a soldering tool and then will test them under different wind speed/voltages. 150 LED with protection resistors.

Prices       US$    


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