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From August 26th 2008

our outdoor products are equipped with Nylon turbines

our indoor educational kits are equipped with Polypropylene turbines


Semi Directional water / air pump
Reference Description
11 turbines semi directional water/air pump (the scarecrow)

11 micro turbines with a high suction water / air piston pump (displacement pump)

- from 2 to 3 ms with gusty winds.

suction capacity :approx 50 liters/hour from 8 to 9 meter depth or 25liters/hour from 20meters depth

suction + pressure capacity: approx 100 liters/hour from 8 meters depth to 10 meters high

This pump is design to work over very long period of time .unlike electric pump there is no internal heating and there is no need to let the system rest.once the pump is taking wind it will keep working.

11 turbines in line with a central connected worm gear box(1/20 ratio)in aluminium casing and oil tank connected to a 0.2 liter piston pump. body made in brass,piston in nylon,all other parts in stainless steel,supplied with different O rings sizes to control the wanted internal pressure.2 brass plated valves.1 gravity valve for the suction part and a pressure valve for the pressured exit.this pump generates approx 5 bars for high wind speed(50m high)and has a maximum pressure of approx 10 bars.there is 3 different setting for the pump course depending on volume or pressure wanted.pumps using wind energy have not so many regulations system possible so the final setting will depends on experiment by the user.this pump is ideal for many long lasting work,watering gardens/fields,filling up swimming pools/ponds,bringing up water from wells and pits,and many more applications to come.you can store the unused energy collected by filling up a reservoir on high altitude .Motorwind Pumps work also in stage level,that means that by having more than one pump at different altitude you can bring up water to basically any height.for example if you have enough wind energy to pump water to 30 meters high then by using 5 pumps in stage,you can pump water up to 150 meters.

Deep well pumping: a suction pump can lift up water from a depth of 10 meters maximum.this is due to the laws of physics when pressure = gravity .for deep water pumping we have an other additional set to be added on this pump.it works by combining suction and high pressure .water can be pumped up from 40 to 50 meters using just 2 regular hoses.

efficiency: an electric pump has an efficiency of approx 20%.that means that it takes 1 kWh of electricity to deliver approx 0.2 kWh of work done(720kJ).it takes approx the equivalent of 3 kWh in energetic value of oil or gas or coal used to produce this kWh,so we can say that the efficiency of an electric network to deliver a 0.2 kWh worth of work done is only : approx 7%.(93 % of the energy used as been wasted).Motorwind pump has an unbelievable efficiency of between 35% and nearly 50%(preliminary test shows)and does not release a mg of CO2.

Frame 2.60 meter long x 0.26 m height x 0.14 m wide .stainless steel main support

Volume : 0.35 CBM Measurement : 114 cm x 26 cm x 20 cm .Weight :17 Kgs

20'container = approx 75 pcs -----------40' container = approx 160 pcs



electric wind turbines sets
Reference Description
10 turbines

10 micro turbines with generator rated 60W for 10m/s wind.daily production : 1.2 kWh .output 12 to 48 volts

best application between 1ms and 10ms wind speeds.

Frame 2.65 meter long x 0.26 m height x 0.14 m wide .stainless steel main support with 2 stainless steel post (0.80 m long)

Volume : 0.075 CBM Measurement : 114 cm x 26 cm x 20 cm .Weight :7 Kgs

20'container = approx 410 pcs -----------40' container = approx 840 pcs

    --- US$    
Installation in Wisconsin Courtesy of Rich Susens
Installation in New York Courtesy of Fiorenzo Borghi
Portable and Directional 8 turbines sets
This set has been designed to be portable and for very specific uses.  
Reference Description
Item Q 8 turbines portable 360 degrees directional set
DT 0817

8 micro turbines with generator rated 50W for 10m/s wind. .output 12 to 24 VDC net weight 7kgs

Works from 2ms wind speed

frame 0.88 meter long x 0.33 m height x 0.15 m wide .stainless steel

Volume : 0.085 CBM Measurement : 90 cm x 28 cm x 35 cm .

gross Weight :8 Kgs

(for shipment by container :20'container = approx 325 pcs

-----------40' container = approx 600 pcs)

Price     ---- US$      
Watch the Video
360 degrees Directional 6 to 12 turbines sets

The directional turbines are easier to install and will adapt to wind direction/very high efficiency.

highly recommended for single installation.

Reference Description
6 turbines 360 degrees directional set
AT 0617

6 micro turbines with generator rated 50W for 10m/s wind. .output 12 to 48 VDC volts net weight 5kgs

1.6 meters span.Works from 2ms wind speed .

Volume : 0.05 CBM Measurement : : gross Weight :7kgs

(for shipment by container :20'container = approx 540 pcs -----------40' container = approx 1000 pcs)

Price     ---- US$  


Reference Description
12 turbines 360 degrees directional set bi generator
AT 1234

12 micro turbines with 2 generators rated 100W for 10m/s wind. .output 12 to 48 VDC volts net weight 8kgs

2.1 meters span.Works from 2ms wind speed .

Volume : 0.09 CBM Measurement : : gross Weight :10kgs

(for shipment by container :20'container = approx 300 pcs -----------40' container = approx 560 pcs)

Price     ---- US$  


Electrical :back up grid solution
Reference Description

Change over electrical box

in 230VAC or 110 VAC


In a steel case a fully installed change over grid electrical box.

content :a kWh meter ,a 12VDC/230VAC or 110VAC 0.8kW inverter(square wave),a bi pole relay contactor,a low &high level battery sensor,a general control switch and a green light indicating when the system is powered by Motorwind using only standard components that any certified electrician can replace anywhere in the world.

function: when the battery level is high the inverter powers the electrical appliances.when the battery level becomes too low the system switches automatically back to the grid avoiding any interruption.

the inverter will only start if the battery voltage reaches approx 13 volts and keep working until the battery level goes down to approx 11 volts.at approx 11 volts the inverter shuts down and will only restart when the battery is recharged.

(Caution :do not use for computer-the switching time is detected by computer as power failure)

for a 3.5 amperes 230VAC application use a 200 amph battery.

for a 2.5 amperes 230VAC application use a 150 amph battery.

for a 1 ampere 230VAC application use a 50 to 60 amph battery.

Box :50 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm approx 7 kgs.

Volume : 0.03 CBM Measurement : 0.52x0.27x0.22m

20'container = approx 900 pcs -----------40' container = approx 1800 pcs



HK$ --- US$   Euro
230 VAC
110 VAC

Warning:depending on countries,connection to the grid can only be done by certified electricians.

the system must not be modified and only used as explained in the instruction manual.

the system is design for the grid and inverter power cables to never come in contact.

this an absolute condition to avoid any authorization from your local power company to do the connection.

We can also supply electrical box with more than one inverter.contact us for special requirements.

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