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1 GW WindFarm
500 MW WindFarm
250 MW WindFarm
100 MW WindFarm
NEW May 11th 2017 Foldable solar panel for ebike .click on the picture for more info
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Special limited Offer (from Jan 10 2017)

start generating your own electricity for

600 US$ only (+shipping)

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remark: you need to use your own 12V battery (ies)
  Hybrid PV panels Micro turbines
HKU installation


New 30 th June 2015 Louver turbines for architects click here
New Video on the futur of energy :click on the line below (in French)
New : May 20 2016: Monitoring and dataloggers
New May 15 2016 Solar.eBike
Mountain Bike

250 W Ebike with 36 V 9 amph Battery and 4 PV panels 36W (total 120 W)

recharge your bike while you are at the office

26 ' available /delivery time :approx 6 weeks

contact us for pricing


second generation New 250W solar bike 24V + 120 W solar panels July 2016

Mountain Bike

250 W Ebike with 24 V 10 amph Battery and 4 PV panels 36W (total approx 120 W)

recharge your bike while you are at the office

26 ' available /delivery time :approx 6 to 8 weeks

Price : 00 US$ (excluding shipping)

sample price : 2700 US$

recharges in approx 6 to 8 hours.

contact us for pricing

3 rd generation New 29" 700 cc 250W solar bike 24V + 140 W solar panels --- November 2016 ---

original new style City Bike

mountain bikes are design for off road but for general population

a city bike is more appropriated

The main point being that the rider must be abble to stand on his/her feet while seated

as a general physical law the bigger the wheels diameter the more the bike is efficient in terms of energy spent and distance accomplished.

today 29" 700cc bikes are reserved to a tall population

patent pending

This new bike answers many issues in terms of

manufacturing /packaging/shipping and sizes



Technical Specifications

- Front wheel 250W motor with limited speed at 25kmh to satisfy

most of the international regulations

- 100% Stainless steel frame can be dis-assembled in 3 pcs

The frame is flexible and act as general suspension with a slight bending in curves to

improve the changes in direction

hollow tubes to facilitate the integration of the cables

The large central main frame act as a mud guard so a rider

wearing a skirt or a suit is protected.

- 25.2V Lithium Ion battery 12 AH integrated inside the frame which can not be stolen

and offers a large protection in case of crash.

- Low position seat for a more comfortable riding so it is not restricted to tall persons

with adjustable position. can fit riders from 1.6 m to 1.9 m and with

adjustable handle bar can really fit anyone.

- 2 or 4 solar panels generating 30V recharging in permanence

rated : 45 W each

- digital panel showing the charging voltage

- integrated android tel showing a GPS map for an easy location finding

and with a special apps sending location of the bike on your telephone

- 2 USB sockets to recharge your phone

- 2 side mirrors to increase your protection

- Polycarbonate/stainless steel basket

- 2 disk brakes with sensors to disconnect the motor while braking

- pedal sensor to start the assisting motor

- Under ideal exposure conditions can fully recharge

within 3 to 4 hours and can ride for approx 1 hour

we can customize it according to your wishes

Price :

sample price : 3000 US$

FOB Hong Kong (excluding shipping)

payment by paypal to (

6 to 8 weeks manufacturing time + 4 weeks shipping time (by sea)


New March 1st 2016 Solarturb
  -3kW VAT : 1.250 kW PV + 2 kW Turbine : daily production : approx 42 kWh (5ms wind speed)  
  Model for flat roof top  

June 15 th 2015: Breaking news :our microturbines have successfuly pass the 200 kmh test.

The new rating for one single turbine is : 190 W for 55 ms wind speed.

We can make wind farm that not only withstand Typhoon / Hurricane /Cyclone /tornado forces but generate power during these storms and a lot of it.CLICK HERE to visit the typhoon turbine page.

and we have also tested a way to increase wind speed and therefore cut down cost.

today we have the lowest mix cost per watt at 5ms wind speed in a wind/PV panels hybrid system.

approx 6 US$/watt .See : Low wind speed Hybrid series.

Mass parallel processing concept.

The universe is not build by giant blocks ,it is build with the smallest of all elements : the atom.

For PV panels it is the basic cell
that multiplied by billions gives us today the very large capacity that we have.
For wind it is the same.

The difference is that with solar we can only transform the sun's energy by square meters of land.

with wind we build high so the energy extracted by square meter of land is far more higher.
with solar :approx 250 W/m2
with wind: 10 000 W/m2

MotorWind limited

72 PING CHE ROAD FANLING - NT -Hong Kong tel : +852 27112127

over the years we have developed a kind of special business model.

we design & install complete energy solutions

we use any existing technologies and assemble them in a system that become fully compatible.

using Wind turbines - PV panels - Human energy- connected on batteries and with either grid back up or tie grid inverters we insure that our customers get the best solution.

Our manufacturing capacity gives the edge as we can develop any kind of interface to make everything compatible .It can be a mechanical device or an electric or an electronic. we can even assemble PV cells for BIPV special sizes.

any designer ,consultant who has a special design/concept can consult us :we can do it.

from a simple technology to : more complex

  micro   train monitor  


NEW June 28th 2015
  Low Wind speed Hybrid series lowwind  
rated at 57KW at 5ms with 43 kW PV panels  
total rating :100 kW  

March 31st 2009

The New Motorwave 100% sustainable Green Building:

The X building

February 2009 94 CM turbine and Street Lamp Post available


94CM turbine    


important notice : please read the section "Products" before any purchase. In this section, you will find a complete check list to assist you in deciding which equipment you need, then go through the two files in "installer training" section. Delivery time will be approx 4 weeks after purchase. The prices are FOB Hong Kong and excluding transportation cost and taxes. Site visits are available for Hong Kong. This is a new technology for a totally new market and we will do our best to adapt the manufacturing time to the demand.


Motorwind micro turbines can work in wind speeds of only 1m/second and up 55 ms. Their light weight, small size, and flexible configuration allows them to be installed in both urban and rural environments, for individual or corporate use.  Motorwind turbines give users a new option for efficient renewable energy and therefore reducing their impact on the environment.  

New Sea School installation of 9 directional panels. Pictures/details November 17th 2008


Super Air/Water pump High suction. ideal for well pumping and farming



Change over to the grid

electrical box

Use The Grid as Back up


portable directional 8 turbines set.

ideal for camping or mobile homes


Aero turbines 6 to 12 turbines

the safest wind generator in a city

Product Description

Wind meter with LCD display, back lighting, temperature measurement. Different selections of measureing unit: m/s, knots, Km/hr

Measurement: 150 x 72 x 35 mm Net Weight: 350 g

California Fitness : "POWER BY U





Update : March 2016 : Our Nylon turbines have been working for 8 years now and still in great shape .

expected life time: at least 10 years.

update :April 2011 : after nearly 4 years and with nearly 1000 installations in 45 countries ,no dammages reported for high wind speed typhoon or hurricane type.

Update: Aug 23 2008: for the first time we went through a NO 9 typhoon NURI with 160 kmh wind speed: (44.5 ms)

All our installations have reported no dammages. Once again Motorwind technology has proven that it is safe and can withstand

any wind speed.

Aug 20 2008: We went through the last 2 typhoons(number 3 and number 8)without dammages.

Update January 2008. After nearly 10 weeks under snow storm in Canada our test pilot has performed beautifully. Micro turbines just love snow and ice.

Update: Aug 9-10- 2007 and Sept 15-16-2007: Typhoon force 8 (hurricane force 4) just passed by Hong Kong with maximum 110 kmh wind speed. All our turbines have kept producing electricity and there is no damage reports on any of our 13 local installations. We have also installations in many countries with different weathers and after 3 month we have no damage reports.


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