Motorwind is delivered with an electrical box containing all systems and an extension cable.

You only need to connect the wire from the generator to the box, the extra battery to the box, and then plug in your appliances to the socket.
If you want to have a more permanent installation, please read the information below. Do not not hesitate to send us your electrical diagram if you need an opinion.

This section is for the installer and electricians.

From an electrical point of view, Motorwind is just a power source. All electrical laws and regulations apply. All automatism can be used, and special settings can allow for many solutions. Contact us for clarification if needed.

Chart of power output in Watt / Wind speed in meter /second .

Note: the power has been measured/calculated by adjusting the load value (resistor) until maximum power has been achieved

In these cases, we have only listed the common electrical diagrams.
Do not hesitate to send us your own diagrams for confirmation.
The generator delivers DC current, but since turbines can work with winds in both directions.
The generator used is a 3 phases brushless 12 V DC motor with very high efficiency (axle diameter: 8 mm).

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