Motorwind turbines can be installed and used in many applications.

Rule #1: For installation, fix the posts to a wall instead of the floor or ground. This allows the stress to be lower on the posts (instead of standing upright only on a flat surface).
Use screws in a concrete wall. Do not use G clamps, rope or string to fasten the posts to the wall.
If you need to install on a wooden partition, screws have to be long enough to go through the entire wood panel and then bolted tight from the other side of the wood material.
Make sure that the posts are tightly attached to the wall, otherwise there will be vibration and noise.
Make sure that the installation is secure from movement and possible bending of the posts.

Rule #2: If you have the space, it is better to have only one row of 40 turbines than 2 rows of 20 turbines.

Follow all the steps described on the instruction manual coming with your Motorwind turbine set.

Front view of a Motorwind 8 setup.

Motorwind Turbines set up on a rooftop fence.

If you have a fence on your rooftop, it is better to use the actual fence posts to secure the turbines. This is because the fence is much stronger due to its multi-anchored points in the concrete slabs or walls.

The picture below is of the first micro-turbine array set up in Hong Kong. It includes 40 turbines, which has daily production capacity of 960W/h with average wind speeds of 5.5 m/s. This installation was made in November, 2006, and is large enough to power all of the lights in the apartment below. If space is available, it is suggested to spread these turbines along a single row, instead of four rows. This is because the anchoring with the posts will be easier and more secure. The taller the display is, the stronger the posts and anchoring system needs to be.

The photos below show possible installation locations under bridges, remote locations, ridge lines, fence lines, walls, etc.

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