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  Hybrid PV panels Micro turbines

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After having done tests we found out that wind speed cas be seriously increased and that eventhough for energy balance the pressure decreases, it still can increase by at least 6 to 8 times the performances.

louver being cheaper than wind turbines and neccessary in many places to hide from the outside the combination becomes very interesting.



for wind speed of 5ms ,after acceleration ,one single turbine can generate approx 6 watts.

(wind speed taken at the entrance of the wind accelerator regardless of general wind speed).

a set of 10 turbines can generate 60 Watts (approx 2.6 m long so it is about 23 W per meter of louver)

for 100 meters of louver it is 2.3 kW.

It is safe as our turbines can work under typhoon wind speed and generate a lot more.

at 55 ms it is 1.9 kW for 10 turbines and for 100 meters it is 190 kW.

(the setting must be changed for typhoon conditions with 240V instead of 12/24/36 V and generators must be added )

Pay back:approx less than 10 years as 1 meter of turbines will generate approx 300 kWH/year at different wind speed


Hybrid Louver turbines
louverhybrid in this configuration
instead of using metal panels
for wind concentration
we use PV panels to increase
the power output.
we have an additional approx
100 W per meter.
daily generation:
approx 0.8 KWh
Plus wind production :
approx 0.6 KWh
Total:approx 1.4 kWH/m/day
remark:depending on location
the angle need to be adjusted
for a louver that is
10 m high and 30 m wide
we can install : 375 m of
turbines and PV panels
approx 525 kWh/day
approx 180 MWh/year
approx :3600 MWh/20 years
To cool down a Building and generate power
building concentrator in this configuration

the building is oriented at 45 degrees so that both side can channel the wind.The wind concentrators can be both structural or not build in any kind of materials from stainless steel to glass or aluminum.The objective is to use the wind deflected by the building but increase the speed so that the micro turbines have a high power generation.since microturbines can be installed to the full height and length of the building, there is high production with little visual effect.

for example for a 100 storey high
250 m high x 50m x 50m
we can install : (one side)
80 000 turbines that can generate approx 500 KW at 5ms.
(speed at the entrance of the concentrator)
extra load on the building: approx 100 tons
it is equivalent to 5 conventional turbines of 1 MW at 4/5 ms and with 77 m in diameter
works with South west- South-South east wind
cost: around 50 millions HK$

MotorWind limited

72 PING CHE ROAD FANLING - NT -Hong Kong tel : +852 27112127

over the years we have developed a kind of special business model.

we design & install complete energy solutions

we use any existing technologies and assemble them in a system that become fully compatible.

using Wind turbines - PV panels - Human energy- connected on batteries and with either grid back up or tie grid inverters we insure that our customers get the best solution.

Our manufacturing capacity gives the edge as we can develop any kind of interface to make everything compatible .It can be a mechanical device or an electric or an electronic. we can even assemble PV cells for BIPV special sizes.

any designer ,consultant who has a special design/concept can consult us :we can do it.

from a simple technology to : more complex

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