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Typhoon Turbine
Motorwind 100MW

June 15 th 2015: Breaking news :our microturbines have successfuly pass the 200 kmh test. The new rating for one single turbine is : 190 W for 55 ms wind speed.

We can make wind farm that not only withstand Typhoon / Hurricane /Cyclone /tornado forces but generate power during these storms and a lot of it.


Our turbines have a starting speed of 1 ms and targetting low wind speed is within our possibilities.

There is many many places where wind speed is in average between 3 ms and 6 ms.

We can easily tap that energy but the cost is still too high.with 150 000 turbines at 5ms we only generate 150 kW.whether itis Motorwind or conventionnal technology.

Of course all systems have a higher capacity for higher winds but in so many places it happens not very often.

To improve the cost there is not many choices we must increase the swipping area whithout increasing the turbine area.

  wind simulator  

We have tested a wind concentrator and the results are as expected.We can at least double the wind speed.

It means that we increase our output by 8 times and therefore reducing cost by approx 8 times.

For Wind farm we use a rectangle shape to avoid the cantilever traditionnal design and flaw.

which give us space to accomodate PV panels :


Price : 0.6 million US$ FOB Hong Kong
24 turbines panels made of 300 turbines = 7200 turbines
  wind speed taken at the entrance   tower width : 13 m  
of the wind concentrator regardless of general Tower hight : 70m
wind speed. tower area :150 m2
rating:5.7 kW at 2ms rotating mass: 2.88 tons
rating: 10kW at 3ms total weight : approx 30 tons
rating : 14.4 kW at 4ms  
rating :57 kW at 5ms  
rating: 216 kW at 10ms  
  Power simulation: 3ms wind speed
rated max capacity: if a sunny day
1 MW at 55 ms


  PV panels approx 250kWh/day
  or approx 75 MWh/year
  turbines:approx 200kWh/day
  then approx 60MH/year
  total : 135 MWh/year
  payback:30 years
  Power simulation:5 ms
  PV panels approx 50kWh/day

or approx 75 MWh/year

  turbines:approx 1120 kWh/day
  then approx 360 MH/year
  total : 495 MWh/year
  Payback : 8 years
PV panels :216 No Power simulation:10 ms
Power capacity :43 kW  
  PV panels approx 250kWh/day

or approx 75 MWh/year

turbines : approx 4320 kWh/day
then approx 1382 MH/year
total : 1457 MWh/year
Payback:2.7 years
comparaison with a conventional 1.5 MW Wind generator

for the price of a conventional WTG we can have 6 Motorwind system with approx the same rating.

land occupation : 1000 m2 vs 200 000 m2
payback for 5ms = 8 years vs 28 years

minimum guarantee production per day: 1500 kWh/day vs zero.

height: 70 m vs 130 m

width : 13m vs 77 m



updated :26 July 2015   Motorwave Ltd. Copyright 2006