Lucien Gambarota

Born in 1957 in Italy, Lucien studied physics and chemistry in a French university. He worked as an international buyer for 4 years for the World's second largest retailer. He moved to Hong Kong in 1987 and opened a watch factory at that time. Has been doing private researches in many fields for more than 15 years, and has designed or discovered many consumer products.he invented and developed Motorwave technology and Motorwind technology .

He also developed the California Fitness concept of harvesting human energy during work out .

Lucien has strong business and engineering skill combined with extreme curiosity.He became interested in renewable energy late 2004, and has since registered several patents.



An environmental activist, and chairman of the environmental group Clear The Air.
The passion for the environment has come to Christian after living many years in Hong-Kong. Born in France,
he holds a Master's Degree in international trade (INALCO-CPEI, Paris), and a Bachelor's degree in Chinese studies.
Christian has been employed in the Hong-Kong logistics industry, has opened a consulting company, and also devotes time
teaching language and communication to business people in corporations and in local universities. Christian has been
immediately enthusiastic about Motorwave clean technologies and the challenges posed by informing the public about alternate
sources of clean energies now available on the market, in order to make informed choices for today and tomorrow.
He believes that instead of relying on polluting, increasingly expensive, and now limited carbon fuel supplies, government should
now offer incentives for clean renewable energies and open the energy market to get the public use new power sources.



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