Important :

This section addresses home use only with small installation of less than 1 kW.

to collect wind power you need to have wind at sufficient speed .with Motorwind power generation starts with 2 m/s wind speed but it starts to be economically viable for winds of at least 4m/s if you are concerned by pay back time .

Motorwind technology only transform into electricity the wind energy available on the site .

choose a Motorwind setting with a power always lower than your daily need because you must use all the electricity produced .

you can save it for few hours but not for weeks.

the electricity production is only for home usage and does not have the regulators necessary to make the Motorwind and grid frequencies compatible .

you do not have to get approval from power company to use Motorwind .

you can share the power produced with other homes if you wish only by using your own electric cables .

If you need to interconnect to the grid you can use existing tie grid inverters(like sunny boy)

A tie grid inverter is only interesting for large systems because of the large number of batteries needed otherwise.

How to calculate .

the unit used by power company is the kWh = 1 unit .

for an output of 50 watts during 24 hours the energy collected will be : 50 x 24 = 1200 watt /hour = 1.2 kW/h

for an output of 50 watts during 16 hours the energy collected will be : 50 x 16 = 800 watt/hour = 0.8 kWh

if you have stored in a battery 1.2 kWh it means that you can light up a light bulb of 20 watts during 60 hours

or a fridge or TV set for 24 hours

or a 100 watt light bulb for 12 hours

or a 600 watts heater for about 2 hours .

if you have a 12 Volts battery that can deliver 90 amperes hour it means that the energy stored is : 90 amp x 12 volts = 1080 watts/h = 1.08 kWh

if you connect in parallel 2 x 90 amp batteries the energy stored will be : 1.08 kWh X 2 = 2.16 kWh


conventional wind turbines are designed for large electricity production and therefore occupy large areas of land and can only operate in places where the wind speed is in average 10m/s .conventional wind turbines can only operate for winds between 10m/s and 25 m/s .

Motorwind has been designed to operate with low wind speed (above 2 m/s) and be installable anywhere due to the modularity .

the size of Motorwind can be adapted to the available space and the energy required .the design simplicity and components used make the installation and maintenance very easy for anyone .the simplicity allows very low manufacturing costs and therefore very low retail price .by using different shapes Motorwind can adapt to the environment .

Questions you need to ask yourself to decide what type of installation you need

A) why do i want to install a Motorwind ?

because i want to do my share in reducing global warming

because i am not connected to any grid and therefore have no choice

because in my area there is so much wind that it is pity not to collect that energy

because i want to be energy independent

because i can save money

B) what is my consumption.

if my monthly bill is about 50 kWh (approx 6 US$ or 50 HK$ or 5 euro ) that means my daily need is approx 1.5 kWh .

i need approx 4 square meter of turbines (80 turbines = 4 x 20 turbines sets item B ) if the wind average is about 4m/s

i need approx 1.5 square meter of turbine (30 turbines = 2 sets of item B ) if the wind is about 5 to 6 m/s

i need approx 0.4 square meter of turbine (1 set of 8 turbines item A ) if the wind is about 10m/s

if my monthly bill is about 250 kWh(approx 30 US$ or 250 HK$ or 25 euro ) that means my daily need is approx 8 kWh .

i need 5 times more than the above .

C)what is my peak consumption

you can calculate by adding each appliances power but the easier will be to read your meter at 1 hour hour time difference during your peak hour .

this will decide the DC/AC converter power needed .

if for example you want to use Motorwind to keep a light on 24 hours a day (watch tower or surveillance camera for example ) then a 150-300 watt (item D) will be enough .

if you want to power only the lights in the house with a peak hour of 1 kW then you need 1 set of 0.8 - 1.2 kW dc/ac inverter(item E) .

if you want to power everything with a peak hour at 4 kW then you need a 4 sets of 0.8 - 1.2 kW dc/ac converter(item E)

D) what is the wind speed in average ?

between 0 and 2 m/s :

between 2 and 4 m/s :

between 4 and 6 m/s :

between 6 and 10 m/s :

more than 10 m/s :

How to measure the wind speed ?.

if you do not have a wind speed tester an easy and cheap way to measure it is :

take a piece of cardboard (carton) about 30 cm X 15 cm . stick a coin of 1 HK$ or quarter US$ with tape on the bottom.

hold gently the top side and face the wind .if the bottom of the cardboard move up making an angle of about 30 degrees then the wind is about 2.5 m/s

if the angle is about 45 degrees then the wind is about 4.5 m/s

if the angle is 80 to 90 degrees then the wind is about 6.5 m/s and above

please note in the same time the wind direction .you will need it to install Motorwind in the right direction.

On the chart the wind speed is in meter per second and the power in watt ,

Different scenario

A) i have no connection to the grid and i am not using any kind of generator : you need a complete system Motorwind : turbines + batteries/inverter .

B)i have no connection to the grid ,but i have my own grid powered by a diesel generator . : you need Motorwind and battery/ inverter only with an automatic switch box .

C) i have no connection to the grid ,but i have my own grid powered by a renewable energy generator (wind -solar) using batteries for storage .: you need only Motorwind :turbines

D)i have a connection to the grid and i am not using any renewable energy generator .: you need Motorwind turbines with batteries/inverter

E)i Have a connection to the grid and i am already using a renewable energy generator (wind -solar ) with batteries . you just need Motorwind .turbines

F)i have a connection to the grid and i have a renewable energy generator interconnected to the grid : same case as D .



Two Motorwind Turbine products are available, the 8 turbines set and the 20 turbines set. The 8 turbines set was developed for high wind speeds (4ms - 8ms wind speeds) and the 20 turbines set for very low wind speeds (2ms - 5ms wind speeds). The reason being, that in a very low wind speed area a set of 20 turbines can generate a significant amount of wind power as opposed to a high wind speed area and is therefore suitable for low wind urban and rural areas.

In practice the greater the wind speed the less turbines are utilized per generator.


if you leave your house for few days to let lights on in order for the battery to keep discharging .

unlike electricity from fossil fuel that have to be saved because it cost and pollute ,renewable energy has to be used as much as possible .

this will in the same time protect from possible burglary .

please take a picture of your installation and email to us for our record and catalogue .

we will give an award every year to the most clever installation with the best energy efficiency .

Motorwind being a just new born technology ,there should be a lot of applications that we even did not think of yet .



due to the heavy weight of a rechargeable battery and the acid content it is very expensive to ship it overseas .

any car battery can be used .the bigger the more you can store .

batteries can be linked in parallel in order to increase the storage capacity .

there is no limit on how many batteries can be linked .

you can probably get very low cost batteries from a junk yard thus helping recycling these batteries

or just simply by purchasing brand new .

we supply the cables to connect to a battery .

extra cables can be obtain from any car accessory retailer .


installation is simple but still requires some tools like drilling machines .

except in HK we do not have set up yet agencies overseas to provide installation services .

please contact your local electrician or air conditioning company if you need such installation .

we will offer them training on line if they contact us at


due to the low height of Motorwind depending on the type of installation you choose ,you can make it either visible or invisible for the other (neighbors).

when you have a choice ,we recommend that you install it in a discreet way .for example it is more discreet to install in the back part of the house .


Motorwind due to its turbine design can take wind with an angle of about 30 degrees from both side ,but the best performance is when wind is most of places the wind will be in one direction ,but some very open places can have winds from multi direction .

it will be then times when you wont be able to collect the wind energy .if you have constant 4 directions wind then it may be interesting to install 2 sets of turbines perpendicular .all the storage battery and internal grid will be common to both sets .


many reports have pointed out that the major problem with wind generator is due to maintenance .

these high tech machines can only be maintain by specialized trained staff and they are not always immediately available .

it can take up to 3 to 4 weeks in some remote areas to get a maintenance .

we have designed Motorwind using only standard parts and components that are available in any electrical shops .

the electrical diagrams are supplied so anyone with minimum knowledge can fix the eventual problems .

whether in Africa or India or in a small pacific island Motorwind can be fixed within minutes


for those of you that will need installation :

We are starting to publish list of authorized dealers and distributors per country.

You can contact them directly for more



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