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Motorwind underwater world

This is Motorwind next step.

we have demonstrated that by using wind, Micro turbines are more competitive on many aspects

than conventional ones or vertical ones

now we are stepping into the second very abondant fluid existing on the planet: Water

we have been testing since the begining underwater use and after more than one year of

experience we can now release consumer products.

as you know water density is 1000 times higher than air so the same volume of water traveling at similar speed

carries a 1000 more energy than air.

in a River the average flow speed is between 1 and 2 ms meaning that for every square meter of river section

there is between 1 and 2 tons of water passing through every second.in terms of kinetic energy it is tremendous

so the most complex part is to unsure that the structure and turbines are strong enough.

the good part is that there is no Huricanes or typhoons in a river so the flow does not change with such extreme.



the first product is a floating water turbine generator.

very easy to use product,just drop it in any river and produce 24/7/365 electricity.

remark:for use in fresh water only :not directly suitable in salty water .for sea water use please contact us.


  SUB 7  

made of 6 nylon turbines on a stainless steel frame with 2 PVC floats with a 170 watt generator.

size: 1m x 0.8m x 0.5m --weigth :4 kgs --rating : 50 W for 1ms

packaging : ---------------- gross weight : 6 kg

--- $US available in December 2008:place your order now

our second product is a submerged turbine equiped with a displacement water pump.

it has to be mounted on a tube or any underwater structure.


made of 7 nylon turbines with a displacement pump on a stainless steel frame.

worm gear open box 1-16 ratio made of stainless steel ,brass body pump with nylon piston

for river /fresh water only.

size: 1.5 m x 0.7m x 0.3m---- weight: 7 kgs

packaging ----------- rating: -------------------- to be released soon

--- $US

available December 2008

place your order now


A very practical application

Motorwind micro turbines have been proven perfectly suitable to be used in water treatment and specially in Sewage water.this is the latest application here in Hong Kong and it shows what renewable energy technology can do to help the planet.pictures of the system being installed.that guy with a cap is Lucien Gambarota.

the object of this application is: in water treatment plant once the water has reached the wanted standard ,it is released in the sea.the water being released in the sea still carries tremendous potential energy so by recovering some of it we can re-use it to accomplish a full recycling cycle.