Aug 2015
Under water Turbines series

Motorwind 5.7MW

Typhoon Turbine  
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Motorwind 28.5 MW

Motorwind 100MW
under water turbines series
MotorWind U200 /7.2Kw
Technical specifications

rating: 2kw at 1.2 ms and 7.2 kW at 2ms

  number of turbines : 180  
  number of panels :2  
  number of generators: 10  
  number of poles: NA  
  Base area : 2.5m x 6m = 15 m2 ...........x 750mm (height)  
  structure weight:200 kg  

panels weight:NA

  rotating Mass : 80 Kg  
  rotational speed : up to 1000 RPM  
  Moment of inertia : 0.004 kg .m2  
  Starting speed:0.1 ms  
  Survival speed : None  
  Battery capacity: 2KW  
  inverter capacity: 2KW  
  Voltage to the grid: according to inverter :single phase or 3 phase 230-380-690V  
  water load on the frame/poles :  
  structure stability and strenght :Certifications by RSE (same as a building)  
  Price: 12 500 US$  
  warranty : 50 years  
  quantity per container 40' : 6 pieces :  



Motorwind Underwater turbines series

The beauty of a river is that water flows 24/7/365 at the same speed and same direction.(it is gravity driven)

water is 1000 times more dense than air so even if it slower than air it generates more power.

We have conducted tests during these last 8 years on different forms from sea water to waste water and we are satisfied that our Microturbines work as well in water environment.

Performances: 1 single turbine

1ms : 5 W

2ms : 40 W

4ms : 160 W

our systems are designed to be installed in the river bed and will not disturb the navigation.

we can install as many needed in width and as long as needed in lenght.

for a river that is 10 m wide if we install 2 layers of microturbines for 1000 meters = 90 000 turbines

generating at 1.2 ms : 450 kW x 24 x 365 = 4 GWh /year.

Stainless steel Frame + Nylon turbines + teflon bearings can stay in water for ever.

There is no electricity generation underwater but high pressure water that is used to power a generator on land

so the system does not need to be IP 65 or 66.

system cost : 4.5 m US$ : revenues /year : 720 US$ pay back : 6 years.

remark some portions of rivers have different water speed due to local geographical conditions.

so some specific section can run as fast as 2 ms which makes the payback at less than 6 months.

some rivers located in mountains have been measured flowing at 7 ms.(it happens only during ice and snow melting)



Why it does make sense ?

The only way to collect energy from water is to build dams or water mills .
It takes 10 years at least and so during the construction time, no power is generated
With Microturbines as soon as you install one in the water, power generation starts.

to install 1 mw : 180 000 turbines (1000 panels x 180 turbines ) it takes : approx 8 weeks as all panels are manufactured locally in a workshop.

When renewable energy can work with local farming.
with our system we use hig pressure water taken from the river.
The water can be reinjected in the river or given to farmers a zero cost.
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