PROCESS & EFFICIENCY            

-Direct use of wind
-Use of swelling of waves

-Limitations: wind < 10m/s
11111111 11wind > 30m/s

-Theoretical limitations: extreme conditions: typhoons, hurricanes, ...
Efficiency: 20-40% Efficiency: 99%

-1MWh x 40% x 8,760 hrs= 3.5 GWh - 1.1MWh x 8,760 hrs = 9.6 GWh  


-US$ 1.5M/wind

-US$ 100,000 /unit of 70 modules
-Output power with 100% efficiency: 1MW
-Output power with 100% efficiency: 1.1MW
- Sales of finished units: no added value for the country. -Transfer of technology: job creation + local development services & research.

-US$ 0.0286/kWh
Based on 15 years lifetime unit
- US$ 0.0014/kWh
Based on 15 years lifetime unit

- Hazard to birds
- Disruption of landscapes
- Favorable to marine life (shelter)
- Objection: Unknown
8,760 being the numbers of hours in one year

WIND versus WAVES in HK

the average wind speed in HK is force 3-4 on Beaufort scale = 3.4 m/s to 7.9 m/s ==> average = 5 m/s

the average wave height in HK is 2 m .

For a typical wind turbine of 50 meters in diameter (2000 M2) we can generate :

P = 1.2 D*2 V*3 0.3 =45 KW .

for a Motorwave of 300m in length (1500 M2) we can generate:P = 70 H*4 0.2= 224 KW

to match the same power a wind turbine has to be of 100 meters in diameter .(10 000 M2)

typical wind turbine has off 50 m cost approximatively: 700.000 US$
typical wind turbine has off 100 m cost approximatively: 2 500.000 US$
Motorwave has cost : 200.000 US$

the simple explanation is: the air (wind) density is near sea approx 1.2 : 1.2 kg /M3

-----------------------------------: the water (wave) density approx 1100 : 1100 kg /M3

the energy of object can be quantify as:

E = MV or E = 1/2 M V*2 or E = M g H where M is the mass and V is the speed and H is the height.

It is therefore easy to understand that, the heavier M is, the higher E will be.

Just for easy understanding (because it is not exactly correct ) the same wind turbine with a same fluid speed  will be 1000 times more powerful in water than on land .

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