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Motorwind Ltd was created in 2006 by 3 scientists
Mr. Lucien Gambarota?
Dr. Dennis Leung
Dr. Michael Leung

Following a wide research program with the University of Hong Kong on wind energy.
The research have led to the design of Micro-Turbines technology.Patent No:FR2884285
Link to the patent.

Micro-turbine technology

The average wind speed on planet hearth is 5ms and at this wind speed, Conventional 3 blades Wind generators are very inefficient. Their optimal designed wind speed is 13 ms, which exist in very few places in this world.

As an example a WinWinD 1/56? 1 MW has the following power curve
3 ms = 0
4ms = 22 KW
5ms = 66 KW
13 to 25 ms = 1 MW

In a location where the wind speed is between 3 and 5 ms they are expected to run only 25 % of the time which means that no stable supply can be guaranty.
The expected daily power generation will be approx 300 KWh.

Micro-turbines have a much wider range of action with a very low starting speed of less than 1 ms and with no maximum wind speed as they can take Typhoon Conditions(which allow us to have a rating at 55ms).They are unbreakable and very safe as no part can come out. From the beginning they have been favored for urban environment for their safety.

This technology has been designed with manufacturing process in mind and with a size that can be easily handle for maintenance.
With 26 cm in diameter it can fit most of the injections machines existing today so it can be easily duplicated anywhere in the world.
The objective being mass production to have a low cost it is made of Nylon.
Nylon is not affected by UVA /chemicals/pollution/salty water/sand/heat/cold/ice /snow and therefore suitable to be used anywhere in the world.
The unique feature of having clockwise and anticlockwise linked turbines allow
The setting of very large area.
There are no limits on how many can be installed (only structural limits)

Performances: Microturbines have a very high efficiency with a maximum of 44.25 %, which is very close to the physical limit on wind turbines.

Power output: Micro- turbines are a modular technology.
If one panel of Micro- turbine generates 2 KW for example then 100 panels will generate 100 times more =200 KW and
1 million panels: 1 million times more= 2GW
We can therefore design system that target a specific wind speed with a specific Power output.
It can be as small as 10 turbines generating 10W at 10ms and as large as 150 000 turbines generating 28.5 MW at 55 ms.

Motorwind has installed these last 8 years 30 000 turbines rated at:5.7 MW
, so we have a very wide experience in on Grid and off grid system.

Renewable energy is not fully reliable as wind can change and sun will shine only half day. So we have been working on making it more reliable.

This experience has led us to design modern systems that are hybrids.
We use part of the off grid technology for their reliability and part of the on Grid To make it compatible for large installations.

We generate DC current with PM generators that have a very high efficiency
And store it into batteries, then we use inverters to upload to the grid.
This setting has many advantages:

Batteries act, as the load so there is always a transformation from mechanical energy into chemical potential energy even if the grid is not available.
Batteries power all regulators and control systems so there is a high safety factor.
The system is never directly connected to the grid so it is very safe for the public or the workers to do maintenance.
Very important: to have a storage capacity allow the perfect synchronization with the grid owner as the energy level is known in real time by transmitting batteries level.It is being discussed within the Grid community owners and utilities companies ,but we have been doing it for the last 8 years.

  Single Phase Grid
  3 phases grid

For the proposed installation of 1000 units rated at 1 GW capacity.
As everybody knows and understands in wind energy there is a difference between the rated capacity and the actual power generation.
1 GW is the rated capacity but not the actual power generation.
The power generation depends on wind and sun energy available on location.

The actual wind speed is approx 4 to 5 ms and any system rated at 1 GW will generate around 50 MW.
One single Turbine of any brand rated at 1MW will generate
only 50 KW at4/ 5ms.

So this installation is based on a total of 1000 Units and targeting wind speed of 4/5 ms.
(wind speed taken at the entrance of wind concentrators)


When we compare conventional technology and hybrid system we cannot compare the ratings but we can compare the production.

To have a maximum reliability we use an Hybrid Wind solar
Made of 24 panels of Micro-turbines (rated at 1 MW for 55 ms)
And 216 PV panels (rated at 43 kW).
Ref: MW24/216-1.5
Power generation /day =
between 500 kWh and 1120 kWh/day for turbines
350 kWh/day for PV panels
Total : approx 850 kWh/day to 1500 kWh/day for each unit.

Total production for 1000 units : between 850 MWh/day to 1500 MWh/day
This is an estimation as wind and sun energy can vary.

To Match that production it takes 3 to 5 conventional 1MW WTG


System design lifetime: 100 years +

Warranty: 50 years+
(Provided that all maintenance work and regular replacement is applied)


Why Choose Micro-turbine technology?

For renewable energy system maintenance is crucial and there is many cases where Wind turbines have been abandoned due to the lack of Maintenance after few years especially for places, which are difficult to access.
For Motorwind system Maintenance is very simple and can be done by any technicians and it is not disruptive as maintenance can be carried while the system is still working. We just need to disconnect one panel and work on it while the other panels keep generating.
Maintenance is also facilitated as most of the components are manufactured locally so all spare parts are always available.
The availability factor is close to 99 %.
For ref: The latest off shore wind turbines need to be maintained by helicopter.

We have seen for the last 20 years many case of Wind turbine damages due to fatigue of the tower or lightning or high wind speed.
It cannot happen with Micro-turbines, as the system is different.

Structural safety factor.
Conventional technology (class 1) are design to resist wind speed of 60ms for 3 seconds and at this speed (wind pressure) the tower is design to withstand 1.2 to 1.3 time that force, the safety factor is 1.2 íV 1.3
For Micro-turbines the safety factor is between 3 and 4 so accident have very low probability. Our record is very clean on these issues, in 8 years we never broke one turbine or frame or tower.

Wind turbine used in special environment.
Conventional technologies can not be used in icy /snowy / sandy environment
As it damages the blades.
For salty environment Off shore wind turbines are just being installed so there is not yet good study about their resistance.

Micro turbines are made of Nylon with stainless steel frame and have been
In use in Hong Kong which is a typical salty environment.
We have also tested installation in Canada during ice storm with great success.

Basically no one (humans or animals) can stay close by a conventional wind farm as each turbine emits low frequency noise.
Micro turbines are very silent and do not emit such kind of noise.
Nylon Material does not vibrate.

Animal killing.
Due to its design and size, birds and flying animals are not being killed by Micro-turbines. We doníŽt have a single case of such event happened.

Wind direction
Usually wind direction comes from the North in winter and South in summer
And vice versa in the southern hemisphere.
Conventional wind turbines need to be able to track the wind direction, as it is crucial for a maximum efficiency.
Micro-turbines are designed to be of forced flow type and are symmetrical
So they can get wind within 60 degrees from both side so most of the installation
Do not need to be wind tracking.
It makes the installation more reliable and cheaper.

Power generation Stability
Unlike Hydro or nuclear or thermal power station that have a very reliable and predictable supply, wind has not such advantage and the choice of a WTG must be very carefully made.
For any location with a sustained average high wind speed (7 to 12 ms) it is not very crucial
But for locations that are within the starting speed of any system it is crucial.
Bangladesh for example forbid any wind turbines that have a starting speed higher than 2.5 ms.
Very few WTG have a starting speed in that range and still they generate zero
Starting speed just mean that they start rotating but without load.
In order to start power generation they need at least 4/5 ms wind speed

Micro-turbines have the lowest starting speed of any wind turbines today
And can operate 100% of the time with different output of course.
If you have low wind speed and you need a very stable power supply you need to use technologies that can guaranty that.

Power storage capacity
Conventional turbines are designed to upload directly to the grid as they generate AC.
In AC there is no system that can store energy except water pumping in a reservoir.
In DC there is many ways to store energy such as batteries or capacitors.
Storing energy allow many extra services.

  1. We can connect or not to the grid and still generate power.
  2. We know in real time the production and stock
  3. We can delay the grid disconnection in coordination with the grid owner.

Conventional systems are required 0.65 seconds; we can delay for minutes or hours depending on battery capacity.
Land use :
Any conventional wind turbine needs between 1 to 2 acres (10 to 20 000 square meters )? of land to operate.
Micro- turbines need only approx 1000 square meters

Conventional technologies need to have a flat terrain to have a minimum turbulences
They can not be build over certain locations because they need roads for delivery of the components .
Blades of 50 meters or more needs special transportations facilities.
Micro-turbines use standard equipment that are 6 meters long at the maximum and therefore can be installed/ build basically anywhere.
We favor installation on hills and mountains where wind speed is higher and does not occupy farming land.

Advertising and visual
One of unique feature of Micro-turbines is the pixel effect.
Each turbine is like a pixel and therefore large graphic images can be created.
Advertising revenues can help improve profit.

Hybrid system
Conventional WTG are a product and they are not designed to be modified or compatible with other technologies.
Micro-turbines are generating DC current and therefore are compatible with other DC technologies such as solar panels.
Our frames /tower are custom made and can easily include large PV panels installation.
The inclusion of PV panels allow to increase the reliability of the hybrid system
As we are sure that suníŽs raises everyday but we are not sure about wind speed.
The installation of 3 to 500 square meter of PV panels at 10 meters high creates a natural shelter for humans and animals

Any technology today has a lifetime by design that is of 20 years.
After that period they have to be discarded to a junkyard because nothing can be recovered.
Micro-turbines have a lifetime that can exceed 100 years as each component can be replaced on regular basis and at a minimal cost.
It is a significant importance as it makes the system price five times cheaper.

Conventional technologies can only be imported so that there is no local economics incidence (no jobs creations) .It is not so good for the trade balance and no so good for the local economy.
Micro-turbine technology can be transferred so a big portion of the investment remains within the country in material purchase and job creation.

As shown before: Motorwind hybrid system (in that specific case) generates approx 5 times more energy than a conventional WTG and last 5 times longer and is about half price So the price of the KWh is around 20 to 50 times lower.


Scope of work:
To design, manufacture, install, connect, Commission and maintain.


The manufacturing of the units will be made locally with local staff to reduce the cost and increase the installation speed.
In order to fulfill the leading time.
First approx 50% of Nylon turbines and Generators will be shipped from Hong Kong/ China and a manufacturing capacity will be organized locally so as to work in parallel. The new manufacturing plant will be used to export the technology to other parts of Africa.
All towers /supporting frames will be locally manufactured /assembled.
A team of approx 1000 workers/engineers will be recruited locally.

A local structural engineer firm will be appointed to certify mounting frame to local regulations.


Motorwavegroup obligations:

Mr. Lucien Gambarota president of Motorwind ltd is the owner of the company and the technology and project engineer.

Motorwind ltd guarantees that it will manufacture and install 1000 Hybrid systems. Ref: MW24/216-1.5

Motorwind ltd guarantee a daily production based on local wind speed (between 4 and 5ms) of approx

850 MWh/day to 1500 MWh/day.

Motorwind ltd will search for sites that have higher wind speed to increase the production so the numbers given here are for reference only.
Tower height will be decided on a case-by-case basis to catch high wind.

All prices given do not include any taxes or custom duties.
It is customary when working with a government that the project be exempted.

Grid: strength: this issue has to be work out with the relevant authorities.
Motorwavegroup obligations stop at the grid.

If requested Motorwavegroup can help and even build parts that are non accessible or under-graded.

  Data 2007 /2015
Micro turbines data without wind concentrator
Low /Medium wind speed data
High wind Speed data

Use of wind concentrator:
Wind concentrator increases the wind speed so the turbines have a higher output.
Every time the wind speed doubles the output increases by 8 times.

We use wind concentrator for low wind speed area .
The same power curve is used but with higher wind speed.
The wind concentrator technology depends on wind quality.
It works better for sustained winds and less for short gusts
The wind speed increase range is within 1.5 to 3 times.

General theory on wind turbines


E = ? I W^2
I= moment of inertia kg.m2
W=rotational speed in radians

There are two schools :

???? A) conventional technology : very heavy mass spinning at low speed

  1. Micro-turbines : very low mass spinning a high speed

 The moment of inertia of a tri blade 1.5 MW turbine is :400 000 kg.m2
The rotor weights around 40 tons.
Their rotational speed can not exceed 10 RPM so they need to be stopped during high wind speed.

The moment of inertia of a micro-turbine is :0.004 kg.m2
One Micro-turbine weights 400 grs
If we use 10000 turbines the total weight is :4 tons but the Moment of inertia is still 0.004 kg.m2

Since we have half of the turbines spinning clockwise and the other half spinning anti clockwise we have a double gyroscopic effect that make the system extremely stable and without vibrations.

Different possible design
Unlike conventional technologies we can build structural frames /towers according to the site or taste of the Client.
  Micro-turbine can be injected in different colors so we can install them in a way that creates a graphic image ,it can be a logo or a graphic.
Example of Visual Outlook
MotorWind ltd
72 Ping Che road
Fanling NT Hong Kong
+852 27112127
+852 90321935
Fax: +852 23422276

Regulators íV Control íV Monitoring

It is very important to know in real time the status of any system
We have included a computer monitoring system that will allow the reading and control of the general system.
By experience it has to be an advisor but not a control taking decision.
Control taking decision by computers is very sensitive issue as they can be hacked and shut down or simply malfunction.
The architecture of the system will be discussed with the authorities.



4 x 100 KW inverter



100 kW tie grid inverter 3 phases

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